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WealthQ² is over two decades in the making (with passion), to create the optimal Financial Planning and Wealth Management advisory practice...for our clients! WealthQ² is the culmination of true independent objective financial planning (dynamically and risk management focused), has the resources of traditional large wire-house wealth management capabilities, incorporates industry disrupting financial technology with math/probability analysis, and implements the industry game-changing field of study, Behavioral Finance/Economics.

We have noticed that most people have done different things, at different times, with different financial professionals/services. As time has passed, the lack of coordination and purpose has created many missed financial planning opportunities! We have also noticed that while most people have had some level of financial planning, the success rate is greatly increased with a higher level of planning, collaboration, math, simplifying the financial complexities, and awareness of human behaviors (if you want a different result, consider doing things differently. And how do you do that, when you don't know, what you don't know?). 

WealthQ² has the Team (Trust and Experience), The Platform (Independent with a Backbone), and the Services (Full Brokerage and Advisory) to "Question Everything... Quantify Success" !